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relayd.conf − the configuration file for the HTTP relay control server

FORMAT         top

The configuration file is managed by libconfig. All formatting rules from their standard match to ours.
The configuration contains parameters of the form:

name = value;

Any line starting with # or // are comments. All parameters which are described to be strings needs to wraped by double quotes. (name = "string";)
All parameters which are described to be integers needs no such wrapping. Just specify the value. (name = 0;)

DESCRIPTION         top

The relayd (1) binary consumes this configuration file. The configuration contains multiple sections:

Server configuration


The network interface the server should be started on. Defaults to This value is a string.


The TCP port the server should listen for new requests. Defaults to 641. This value is a integer.

Relay configuration


A list of GPIO ports which are connected to the control lines of the relays. Currently only the bcm2835 chip is supported (Raspberry Pi 1/2). Defaults to [25]. This value is an array of integers.

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Hermann Mayer <>