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- [Development](#development)
## About the setup
## Requirements
## Installation
### From Source
For all non-ArchLinux systems you can install the software the old way by
building it from source (`make build`) and fire a `make install`. The project
is not configured by autotools, but the makefiles makes use of the [standard
directory variables][]. Forthermore you can specify a `DESTDIR` variable for
packaging. (`make DESTDIR=/tmp/xyz install`) If you are interessested in
changing the default directory variables consider the [Makefile.shared
file](Makefile.shared). They are change able the same way as `DESTDIR`. The
`uninstall` target takes care of the same variables and will cleanup your
system if you don't want the software to be installed.
:warning: This process expects you to build the software on the same
architecture as it will run on. For cross compiling consider a related guide
for your target architecture.
### ArchLinux Packaging
If you are interessested in building an ArchLinux package, all you have to do
is to clone this repository, install/build all the dependencies of the project
and run `makepkg` inside the `dist/archlinux` directory. Afterwards you will
find a fresh package (`avm-motion-trigger-*-*.pkg.tar.xz`) in the same
directory. This process underlies the same cross compiling restrictions as the
[From Source](#from-source) installation.
## Configuration
### Service
The [avm-motion-triggerd][] daemon can be configured with a configuration file
......@@ -77,3 +104,4 @@ you plan to work on the project.
[avm-motion-trigger.conf]: ../../wikis/man/avm-motion-trigger.conf.5.html
[Contribution Guide]:
[.editorconfig file]: .editorconfig
[standard directory variables]:
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