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......@@ -7,7 +7,6 @@ the configured actor will be turn on for example. The `avm-motion-triggerd`
daemon can be configured to send user defined actions, like turn an actor on,
off or just toggle it.
- [About the project](#about-the-project)
- [About the setup](#about-the-setup)
- [Requirements](#requirements)
- [Installation](#installation)
......@@ -18,7 +17,6 @@ off or just toggle it.
- [Process management](#process-management)
- [Development](#development)
## About the project
## About the setup
## Requirements
## Installation
......@@ -46,5 +44,37 @@ avm-motion-triggerd.service`.
## Development
The project is written in C and comes with a bulk of predefined GNU Make
targets to speed up common development tasks. To get in touch just fork and
clone the project, install/build the required dependencies and fire a `make
The most adorable targets are `clean build test` (in this order :)). While
editing the man pages you can easily review the latest state with the `docs-*`
targets. (currently there are: `docs-avmctl.1 docs-avm-motion-trigger.conf.5
The project comes with a whole bunch of simple test binaries which covers
single aspects of the project en bloc. All test cases can be easily accessed
with their corresponding `test-*` and `test-mem-*` targets. The `test-mem-*`
variants will be checked for memory leaks by valgrind. Here is a list of the
currently available GNU Make targets:
test-ambient-light-level test-build-url test-config test-list-switches
test-logger test-login test-mem-ambient-light-level test-mem-build-url
test-mem-config test-mem-list-switches test-mem-logger test-mem-login
test-mem-password-challenge test-mem-password-response test-mem-pidfile
test-mem-pir-motion-detection test-mem-switch-off test-mem-switch-on
test-mem-switch-toggle test-password-challenge test-password-response
test-pidfile test-pir-motion-detection test-switch-off test-switch-on
Please mind the [Contribution Guide][] and the given [.editorconfig file][] if
you plan to work on the project.
[avm-motion-triggerd]: ../../wikis/man/avm-motion-triggerd.1.html
[avm-motion-trigger.conf]: ../../wikis/man/avm-motion-trigger.conf.5.html
[Contribution Guide]:
[.editorconfig file]: .editorconfig
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