Commit cf17fad0 authored by Hermann Mayer's avatar Hermann Mayer

[Release] Bumped version to 1.0.0.

parent c8d015aa
## 1.0.0
* The `avm-motion-triggerd` is stable now and is used productive now
* Added `-v|--version` arguments to the binaries (See #14)
* Added a new check for the business logic loop: the current actor state check (See #15)
* Added a new configuration parameter: `desired_actor_state`
* Added a new configuration parameter: `desired_actor_state_missmatch_timeout`
## 0.4.0
* The `avm-motion-triggerd` now does not die on failed CUrl requests anymore (See #13)
# Maintainer: <>
pkgdesc="AVM Smart Home Motion Trigger Daemon"
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