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### ArchLinux Packaging
## Configuration
### Service
The [avm-motion-triggerd](wikis/man/avm-motion-triggerd.1.html) daemon can be
configured with a configuration file which follows the format which is
described by the
[avm-motion-trigger.conf](wikis/man/avm-motion-trigger.conf.5.html) man page.
On ArchLinux the system wide configuration can be found at
### Process management
The [avm-motion-triggerd](wikis/man/avm-motion-triggerd.1.html) daemon can be
started in different flavors. It is able to run in foreground by adding the
`-f|--foreground` parameters or in background (without additional parameters).
While the daemon is running in foreground, all logging outputs will be printed
to `stdout` and/or `stderr`. The foreground logging is prefixed with the
current date/time and the log level for the message. While the daemon runs in
background, all logging outputs will be redirected to `syslog`. For ArchLinux
there is a systemd unit file shipped for the daemon. The service can be enabled
with: `sudo systemctl enable avm-motion-triggerd.service`.
## Development
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